Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Jordans Shoes coming out

If you thought it was very crazy of the Black Friday shopping, then just look what happened when retro shoes released, all these new Jordans re-issue to miss basketball legend Micheal Jordan. Went to the on sale store, you will be shocked. Madness was breaking out at stores across the U.S., as impatient shoppers queued up to buy the first new Jordans coming out that went on sale.

Police used pepper spray in seattle, Washington; four people were arrested in Atlanta, Georgia; there were fights in Louisville, Kentucky, and unruly crowds forced two stores shut in Austin, Texas. Fights broke out in Charlotte, North Carolina; a gunshot was fired in Richmond, California; 1,500 turned up for 300 pairs of shoes in Indianapolis, Indiana; and a boy was injured in Troy, Michigan. In Pineville, North Carolina, dozens of police officers had to break up fights and restore order inside Carolina Place Mall as early as 5am on Friday.

Witnesses said some shoppers started jumping the line, then a crowd of people at the back of the line forced their way to the front, causing several people to get angry and become unruly. 'People were falling, I had to jump over a girl, it was crazy,' Dominique Brewer said. ‘One kid was trampled and hurt his arm, maybe even broke it,’ a Troy Police spokesman told Patch, after shoppers had lined up at two Footlocker stores from 4am for the highly-anticipated shoes. He added that ‘shouting’ crowds outside both stores became ‘unruly’ and police had to escort some shoppers to their cars after they had bought the Nike Air Jordan XI Retro ‘Concord’ shoes. Moving west to Seattle, police used pepper spray on around 20 people to break up fights among pushing and shoving customers waiting outside a mall to buy the shoes. One man was arrested there for assault after police say he pushed an officer. Authorities said more than 1,000 people lined up to buy shoes at 4am at four stores, which all sold out quickly.

Police said a large crowd broke down a door to get inside before a store opened. Authorities escorted most of the people back outside, but took four into custody. Every time, when Nike published the news when they will release new retro Jordans shoes, the Police will be nerve to this, they will be worried some rioting will be happened. Now, with the growth of the internet, Nike will arrange to cop the sneakers at website, which will reduce the store’ presence. Meanwhile, as the information sharing, many Jordans’ fans will go from a different country for one shoe, which will increase the store sale’s tension. Cop your favorite new Jordan shoes, and care for your life safety.